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 Female Celebrity Claim

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Mika Delaney-Snape

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PostSubject: Female Celebrity Claim   Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:38 pm

The Female celebrities who have been claimed. Listed by CELEBRITY'S last name

Autumn, Emilie--Emilie Liddell
Hikaru, Uteda--Sparrow Harrison
Lee, Amy--Mika Delaney-Snape
Lefevre, Rachelle--Cadence Malfoy
Menzel, Idina--Ariadne Liddell
Portman, Natalie--Alexandria Cleo Ubis
Ryder, Winona--Rhiannon LaFey
Staite, Jewel--Trysta White
Stewart, Kristen--Primrose LaFey


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Female Celebrity Claim
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