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 Sparrow Harrison

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Sparrow Harrison
First-Year Ravenclaw
Sparrow Harrison

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PostSubject: Sparrow Harrison   Sparrow Harrison I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 25, 2012 9:08 pm

General Information

Full Name: Sparrow Alise Harrison
Nickname: Birdy
Age: 11
Birthdate: June 21
Birthplace: A little town in northern Wisconsin
Current Home: Some random orphanage in England
Blood Purity: Muggle


Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Kept short, with bangs, though she has longer hair at the front sides of her head, making her hair look longer than it really is in the back. Often has a headband on of netural color.
Eye Color: Pretty, bright blue
Height: 4’5. She’s short
Body Type: slim, average ish
Dress Style: Plain colors and clothing, mostly pants and the like, and mostly black, white, or otherwise netural. She likely has to wear a skirt where she’s living now, and is thoroughly despising it. She covers as much of her skin as she can
Other: Sparrow tends to be pale, since she covers so much of her skin. She’s also covered in some rather horrific scars from head to toe and at the wrong angle appears to be blind.


Likes: quiet, fruit of most kinds, reading, making things with her hands.
Dislikes: Bullies, especially when said bullies pick on her friends, and bitter things, such as coffee, most teas, also doesn’t have a big sweet tooth.
Strengths: Loyal, brave, willing to go the extra mile for those who need it, observance, intelligent, patient
Weaknesses: Once angry, all to often uses a punch to the jaw to communicate that she’s angry, not good at communicating her feelings and holds them in until she’s highly frustrated, inability to socialize well outside of close friends or older adults. Tendency to act on impulse if she feels something strongly, often coming to the wrong conclusions or getting herself hurt. Cannot do pushups. (joke, joke)


Family: Sparrow was adopted at the age of two, and has for the most part always known she was an adopted child. She and her father and adopted sister, who was her best friend and later adopted, were on a trip in England when she was nine when they were attacked, her father killed, and she left for dead for no apparent reason. All proof of her identity and citizenship gone, she was placed in an orphange while several attempts at finding some family and her sister failed. So far, nothing has come up.
Personal: Sparrow has spent much of her childhood in a very quiet, studious home, without too much of note happening. She regrets the trip to England, and has found her current situation nerve-wracking and increasingly depressing. She’s managed to retain much of her accent and, while not being teased for it directly, she’s still looked at funny for her strange way of saying things (“It’s Colour, not Color.” “… Fine.” ). The acceptance to Hogwarts came as a relief, though she did hear muttering about how the orphanage was going to pay for THAT sort of school materials… Most of her peers just know that Sparrow got accepted into a private school on scholarship. She misses her father and her sister severely and spends most of her time not at school or home trying to find out what happened and why they were targeted. This search, however, has lead to nothing as of yet.


Father: James E. Harris, adoptive, dead
Mother: None/unknown
Siblings: Alice, adoptive, missing
Other: (optional)


Wand: 10 inch, holly, phoenix tailfeather
Pet: None


(You'll have to add this later)

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Sparrow Harrison
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