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 Basil Davidson

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Basil Davidson
First-Year Gryffindor
Basil Davidson

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PostSubject: Basil Davidson   Basil Davidson I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 25, 2012 8:36 pm

General Information

Name: Basil Tobias Davidson
Nickname: You call me Toby or any rubbish like that we'll have problems!
Age: 11
Birthdate: July 22
Birth Location: South London
Bloodpurity: Unknown


Hair Color/Style: blond, messy, spiked, or combed down
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: peach?
Body Type: I keep in shape if that's what yer after


Father: Unknown
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Davidson-Jones
Step Father: Daniel Jacob Jones
Older Half-brother: Peter Matthew Walker
Younger Half-sister: Sarah Agnes Jones
Step Brother: Marcus Samuel Jones

Personality: Unless you're dead everyone has one yeah?

Likes: Doing what he wants, causing trouble, mayhem, getting dirty, anything physical, magic, sports - he does have a baseball bat, archery, comics, haging out with his mates, messing with step brother and getting him in trouble
Dislikes: Authority, adults, rules, his mother, his cramped flat, his step brother, alcohol, listening to people he doesn't trust or respect
Strenghts: Doesn't run away course that sometimes leads him into getting caught, attitude, good at fighting, not as stupid as he comes off, parkour
Weaknesses: trust issues, respect and authority problems, does crazy stupid things, gets in fights easily, easily provoked

History: What you need this crud fer?

Basil has seen many men come and go throughout his mother's life. He doesn't really have that much respect for his mother even if he does love her. Mostly he doesn't like any of the men his mother sees, gets involved with, or eventually has a doomed relatioship with. Nor does he like being crammed in their small south Lodon flat with his current step father and the man's son. It was small enough when it was just Basil, his mother and older half brother Peter. Basil looks up to his older brother and would often try and sneak out of the flat and follow his delinquent brother. More often then not Peter would catch him, smack him upside the head or threaten to and run him off home again.

Although he looked up to and admired his older brother and grudgingly adored his baby sister, Basil absolutely disliked Marcus bordering on hatred. There was also resentment towards all of his siblings because they at least knew a bit about their father's while Basil knew almost nothing about his. His mother didn't waste anytime letting him know that his father was a tryst to try and rise jealously out of Peter's father. It was for revenge and she hadn't meant to get pregnant from it and blames Basil for the man walking out on them. Of course Mary only says such things when she's really angry, drunk, or both. The frequency of her outbursts were fewer thankfully. Or it could be just that Basil was never around to hear her when she went off now.

Since Basil has an attitude and a problem with authority, it was a relief to both mother and son when his hogwarts letter came. It had to be one of Basil's most treasured and favourite memory to date. How often did he see his mother like that?

It had been amusing to watch his mother screech when the owl had flown into the open window of their flat. She had ran away from the bird while Marcus stared opened mouth, game controller in his hand. Peter had tried to catch the bird and Basil had sat on the small couch watching it all laughing. His mother had been trying to protect her hair and was yelling at Basil and Marcus to help Peter. Peter tried vaulting the couch and ended up flipping the couch and on the floor groaning in pain and embarrassment.

Basil had laughed uproariously when the bird had been smart enough to fly back out of the window. His mother slammed the window shut, her hair all disheveled. She had rounded on Marcus telling him off for just sitting on his bum. She had expected that from Basil but not Marcus who'd always seemed to be the perfect gentleman and knew when to do things. Basil had snorted at that and there had been a suspicious covered laughter/coughing coming from Peter.


Wand: 11"/Ebony/Runespoor fang
Pet: You kidding? Flat is cramped enough!


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Basil Davidson
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