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 Ren Mitani

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Ren Mitani
First-Year Slytherin
Ren Mitani

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PostSubject: Ren Mitani   Ren Mitani I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 25, 2012 8:28 pm

General Information

Full Name: Ren Cillian Mitani
Nickname: None atm
Age: 12 (counts the 9 months in womb)
Birthdate: December 1st
Birthplace: Sapporo, Japan
Current Home: Kerry, Ireland
Blood Purity: Half


Hair Color: Naturally blakish-brown but constantly dies it
Hair Style: continously changing
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'10
Body Type: wirey
Dress Style: Nice name brand clothes
Other: pierced ear, crucifix


Likes: quiet, animals, coming to his own conclusions, pointing out people's idiocy to them, sarcasm, showers
Dislikes: unnecessary loud noises, people who don't listen to reason or think for themselves, the cold, vindictiveness unless it is earned, unnecessary cruelness.
Strengths: Common sense, confident, morals, draws his own conclusions, thinks outside the box, keeps his emotions in check, doesn't rile easily unless it's a sore subject.
Weaknesses: Water, over thinks things, trust issues.


Family: Aisling is a muggle born to a family of Irish Catholics but who had believed in the old ways and old tales. When she was a child she felt that magic was wrong and it only grew as she got older and delved more into Catholicism. She didn't know that Haruki was a wizard when she met then later married him and would have been left in ignorance had it not been for Ren showing accidental magic. She believed the boy to be possessed and tried to have him exorcised. That was when Haruki had to tell his wife what he was and she immediately wanted to be rid of him. As if to prove she was right he was killed by his own magic.

Haruki was of Japanese and Korean decent but his family were purebloods on both sides. They didn't have a problem with muggles and actually lived in the city with them. He and Aisling lived with his parents in Sapporo until Ren showed accidental magic. They'd been visiting Aisling's parents in Ireland when it happened. Haruki was in town with Aonghus and Brighid leaving Ren home alone with his mother.

Personal: Ren has had deep rooted issues involving his magic as well as trust issues with his mother. Because of her though he got to meet a man who helped him overcome a little of his trust issues as well as taught him how to control his magic. Ren had been trying to control his magic since he disliked having accidents happen at home. The boy had been hiding whenever he did do magic. His tutor left him though and Ren was left alone until his letter came. With his letter came his mother's fury and her basically disowning him. With nowhere or no one to turn to, Ren went to his maternal grandparents. The boy is a walking contradiction. He is loyal but not blindly so. Sees things in shades of gray rather than black and white. Doesn't consider himself bad, but doesn't think of himself as good either. Has his own version of morals so that his views of 'right, wrong, and honor' might not be the norm for others.


Father: Haruki Mitani (deceased)
Mother: Aisling Curran (estranged)
Paternal Grandfather: Mitani Ryohei
Paternal Grandmother: Kim Mi Soo
Maternal Grandfather: Aonghus Curran (ailing)
Maternal Grandmother: Brighid Connolly (deceased)


Wand: "10 1/2 Laurel and Thestral tail hair
Pet: black footed ferret named Zhen


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Ren Mitani
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