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 Aiden Snape

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Aiden Snape
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Aiden Snape

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PostSubject: Aiden Snape   Aiden Snape I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 11:50 pm

General Information

Full Name: Aiden Ciel Snape
Nickname: Golden Boy (ONLY by his mother)
Age: 11
Birthdate: January 6th
Birthplace: St. Mungo's Hospital: London, England
Current Home:
Blood Purity:Half-Blood
Appearance Short black hair with midnight blue eyes. Pale skin, sort of tall and lanky.

Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Short
Eye Color:Midnight Blue
Height: 4' 5"
Body Type: Sort of lanky. Almost fragile looking.
Dress Style: Aiden likes robes, but prefers Victorian and Gothic style clothing with a hint of Steampunk.


Likes: Sweets, Books, intelligent conversations
Dislikes: too much affection, ignorance, stupidity in general.
Strengths: Aiden is a passable fencer and duelist, as well as a quick learner. He seems to do best at Potions and Divination.
Weaknesses: He can have a short temper sometimes, and be too quick to judge. He also has a desire to see the good in everyone.


Family: The Snape family can be traced back to the days of Salazar Slytherin, who was a distant ancestor. Their bloodline is almost completely pure except for the occasional Muggle wife who was added simply because no other woman could be found.

The Delaney family can be traced back to a long line of priestesses, and seers who were keepers of an old way of life which has been mostly forgotten. In the Delaney family female children were and are more highly valued, because of the matriarchal views passed down from each generation. However that does not mean male children are not prized as well.

Personal:Aiden was born on January 6th, and was roughly two months early. This left his lungs underdeveloped and contributes to his bouts of asthma. Because of this, he sometimes has a difficult time breathing and can't play Qudditch or be involved in anything which is too physically demanding for too long.

Aiden focused on his books and studies with his governess, Victoria Buchannan. Between his tutor, his parents and his half-sister Elizabeth,there was no shortness of love. However, Aiden by his nature is mostly quiet and unassuming, preferring to watch and make quiet obseverations. He received several years of classic education and is proficient and knowledgeable in many and varied subjects.


Father:Severus Snape
Mother:Mika Snape (nee Delaney)

Liam Delaney: Grandfather

10 1/2 inches. Birch with a Phoenix Tailfeather core.


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Aiden Snape
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